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8mm to DVD PAL & SECAM conversion to NTSC now available


















minidv tape

MiniDV Format
(SD) Standard Definition. Has the capability of up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution, with extremely broad color bandwidth (approx. 3 times that of SVHS). Best for creating a digital master tape.

svhs video tape

SUPER-VHS Format offers high-quality pictures with 400-lines of horizontal TV resolution, the SVHS format was best for creating an analog master tape.

vhs video tape

VHS Format  tapes have a horizontal resolution of about 240 lines. Some camcorders and VCR's allowed the selection of longer recording times by lowering the tape speed: LP mode halves the tape speed and doubles the recording time, while EP mode drops the tape speed to one-third, for triple the recording time. Of course, these speed reductions cause reductions in video quality; also, tapes recorded at these lower speeds often exhibit poor playback performance on recorders other than the one they were originally produced on. VHS is soon to be a thing of the past.

vhsc video tape

VHS-C (Compact) Format is the compact version of the VHS format used for portable video recorders.

svhsc video tape

SVHS-C (Compact) Format is the compact version of the SVHS format used for portable video recorders.


Lines of Resolution
(Measurement of Image Quality)
The higher the better!


240 Lines


420 Lines


500 Lines

VIDEO Hi8 Format offers high-quality pictures with 420-lines of horizontal TV resolution. The Hi8 format was an improvement over the 8mm Video8 analog base formats of 240 lines and roughly equal to laserdisc quality.

VIDEO8 (8mm)
An Analog based video format very similar to the horizontal resolution of VHS tape. Loaded with enough tape in its smaller cassette allowing up to 120 minutes of recording in SP mode .


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Just as the day ticks away so does the videotape technology. What happens in the near future when your video camera or videotape player needs to be repaired or replaced? You'll most likely replace it with a digital camcorder and a DVD or Blu-ray player. Let us stop the clock and digitally transfer your videotapes to DVD before they and the technology that made them are gone forever.




Any of our supported videotape formats; 8MM Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, MiniDV, DVcam, Betamax II & III.

Now offering PAL, N-PAL, M-PAL, SECAM, and MESECAM to NTSC format conversions.




Minimum $20 transfer fee plus media; (DVD/Flash Dr)

Videotape to DVD or USB Flash Drive

The Videotape Transfer digitizes your videotape to a digital file on our video server. The digital movie file can then be saved to DVD or Flash drive.

We will edit out any major gaps between video scenes. We create a beginning title, a main menu, and place chapter markers at 10 minute intervals. Your video will be saved to a NTSC Standard Fullscreen DVD Video playable on the vast majority of DVD and Blu-ray set-top players in use today. DVD comes with direct-on-disc printing and a dark grey Amaray DVD case. A DVD case jacket will be provided and will have a picture from a scene during the videotape capture on the front cover along with your main title.

You may also have your digital movies saved to a USB 3.0 Flash Drive. The digital files can be formatted to an H.264/MP4 video file or whatever file format of your preference. There will be an additional fee for the flash drive depending on the total size of your video files. If you want us to save the movie files to your own flash drive we can do that, but your flash drive must be free of any files, minimum of USB 3.0, formatted with ExFat, and enough space on the drive to accommodate all of your content.


SVHS to DVD*Supported Formats: 8mm Video8, Hi8, Digital 8, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, MiniDV, DVcam, Betaman II & III. (VHS) PAL, SECAM, MESECAM to NTSC.

MiniDV to DVD


convert vhs tapes to dvd

Custom designed just for you!

DVD Disc and Case are printed in color using high-resolution text, graphics and photos.



 Options & Add-ins for videotape to DVD

Photos, 35mm Slides & Negatives, and Digital Pictures These are great times to have those old photographs, 35mm Slides or negatives, or even those newer digital pictures added in, for an additional $1.50 each. A plus for added content to your video production. The normal hold time for still pictures is 8 seconds between each photo including transitions.

Master Videotape Digital Movie File -  If you are transferring your videotape to DVD and would also like to purchase the digitized version of your videotape,  we can provide these files to you for a nominal fee. If you would like to upload your video to a website for friends & family to view, we can produce a short or full version digital file of your movie for the web. Call or email us for details and pricing. The Master digital files are an uncompressed DV AVI or MOV movie. For web based video files we have the compression tools that will encode your media to a high-quality digital movie file for viewing over the internet. We can also provide you with an external USB hard drive with these files or you can send in your own external USB hard drive and have these files saved to the drive. Please contact us to discuss the requirements, compatibility issues and fees associated with this option.

Custom Music - The addition of music to the background of a videotape that has no audio brings the full experience to your DVD production. We offer the placement of royalty free music throughout the entire production for a nominal fee. If you choose to use your own custom music we can use your CDís, audio cassettes, vinyl records, and even those reel to reel audio tapes. A flat rate of $20 will cover the insertion and synchronization of up to 120 minutes of digital music to your production. If you are sending in digital music such as an Audio CD there are no additional digitizing fees, but for analog music, such as audio tape, reel to reel tape or vinyl records there are additional fees for converting the music to a digital file format before we can use it for your production. Please see are Audio Transfer page for further details.

Additional copies can be ordered on DVD at $20 each for an Amaray case with front cover Jacket or $10 each with a printed disc in a clear plastic jewel case.

We DO NOT transfer any copyrighted materials unless you own the copyright, or any pornographic materials.









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