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What is a DVD Slideshow?

A DVD Slideshow is produced for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, memorial services, school concerts, musicals, weddings, vacations, and the list goes on. The slides and negatives are scanned at 2000dpi to 4000dpi, depending on film size and saved as (.jpeg) files for use with the DVD Slideshow. Once you insert the DVD into your home set-top DVD player a title screen of your show is displayed. Once the show starts each picture one after another is displayed, normally held on the TV screen for eight seconds each, until all pictures have been displayed. There will be cross fade  transitions between each photo that smoothly fades out one photo as the next photo fades in and so on. Royalty free music or your custom music will be playing in the background for the full duration of the show.

Our Process

Step 1 » We digitally scan your slides & negatives into our computer based video editing system with the latest of scan technologies. If you are adding digital pictures on a memory card, flash drive or CD, we import your pictures into our editing system and it is from these pictures that we produce to analog and digital productions. We do not alter your original pictures or films.

Step 2 » We'll then digitally enhance the scanned materials to their former glory with our Digital 4 Scan Process.

Step 3 » Now that we've scanned your materials, it's time to save them to digital pictures. (JPEG or TIFF)

JPEG If you’re sure that you’ll only view your images on TV we will save each picture as a JPEG file, these are the files that we use for the DVD Slide Show, which compresses the picture file size for normal viewing on a television. This format loses some image quality during compression, but the loss isn’t noticeable on television.
TIFF - If you’re planning on printing, editing or archiving your pictures or if you’re uncertain how you’ll use them in the future, it is best for you to have them saved as TIFF files. These digital picture files are then saved to a DVD data disc. They are accessible through your personal computer DVD Rom drive. This IS NOT a DVD Slide Show. This format preserves image detail and color information, which will give you maximum flexibility. You can always save a copy of a TIFF file as a JPEG, but you can’t create a high-quality TIFF image from a JPEG.

Digital 4 Scan Process

1 - Digital ICE4
The latest in Image Correction & Enhancement.
Digital ICE4 removes defects or scratches on the surface of the film without losing any details or any other elements of the original image. Not available for non-standard film types.

2 - Digital ROC
Restoration of Color
Digital ROC brings faded color of old films or slides back to life. Enjoy vibrant faithfully rendered images

3 - Digital GEM
Grain Equalization & Management
Digital GEM reduces the effect of film grain. The resulting images are sharp, clear and devoid of grain clumping or graininess

4 - Digital DEE
Dynamic Exposure Extender
Digital DEE helps reveal details hidden in shadows and highlights. It compensates for both underexposure and overexposure.

What do you do about dust , dirt and scratches?

We lightly wipe the film with a camel hair brush and spray a small amount of compressed air to both sides of the film. Digital ICE4, a software program, used with our Nikon Film Scanner will repair most of the surface defects digitally that cannot be removed by us manually. We do not apply any cleaning chemicals to the film.

Original 35mm Slide Scan with Nikon Super Coolscan 5000
Original 35mm Slide Scan

35mm slide after Restoration of Color applied
After Color Correction

35mm Slide scan at 2000 dpi before & after Digital ICE4 & Digital ROC
Click on photos for larger view.

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Standard 35mm Slide Scanning Service

dvd photo slide show

Have your 35mm slides scanned and saved to a DVD as digital pictures (.tiff) format for viewing, editing, and printing. Any size film mounted in a standard 2 by 2 in. plastic or cardboard slide mount.
Minimum Scan order $25

Scan Resolution measured in dpi

* 3000

Price per 2X2 inch
slide scan


Approx. MegaPixels 


DVD disc &  case
(Includes color printing on disc and custom case jacket)

USB Flash Drive



Depends on size

MegaPixels based on standard size 35mm film size only. Resolution changes with different size film. Supported film base: Ektachrome, Anscochrome, Kodachrome, Kodacolor and more.

* Recommend scan resolution of 3000 dpi for archival pictures in (tiff) digital format.

If total number of slides or 35mm negatives being saved to disc exceed the capacity of the 4.7 GB DVD-R disc, there is a fee of $12.95 for each additional DVD disc with case or $5.95 for each DVD disc in a paper sleeve required.

The DVD Slideshow

After we have scanned your slides or negatives you may want us to produce a DVD Slideshow from your film that includes royalty free background music.




Number of Slides that will fit on a HQ DVD
Approx. 1 Hr.

up to 400

DVD Disc & Case
(includes color printing)


DVD Slideshow includes a main title screen, chapter selection screen, picture to picture cross fade transitions, our royalty free background music, subtitle screen for slide groups, motion effects, color disc printing, and an Amaray DVD case with a printed case label. Slide duration normally set to 8 seconds per slide.

35mm Negative Scanning

35mm negatives to dvdHave your 35mm negatives scanned and saved to a DVD as digital pictures (.tiff) format for viewing, editing, and printing. 35mm negative film strips or 35mm single film negatives.
Minimum order $25.00

Resolution measured in dpi


Price per
Negative scan




DVD disc &  case
(Includes color printing)


MegaPixels based on standard size 35mm film. Supported film base: Ektachrome, Anscochrome, Kodachrome, Kodacolor and more.

If total number of negatives being saved to disc exceed the capacity of the 4.7 GB DVD-R disc, there is a fee of $12.95 for each additional DVD disc with case or $5.95 for each DVD disc in a paper sleeve required.

35mm slide transfer


Custom designed just for you!

DVD Disc and Case are printed in color using high-resolution text, graphics and photos.

DVD Slideshow Options


These are great times to have those old photographs added in to your slideshow. A plus for added content to your video production. Normal hold time during show for added photographs is 8 seconds each.

Regular or Super 8mm Movie Film

Add-in film by the foot starting at $0.25 per foot. Film will be color corrected and have any clear or black footage from the video deleted. We also correct the video for any under or over-exposed areas. A title is created for each film reel and can be inserted into the show in any order.

Custom Music

The addition of music to the background of a Slideshow brings real meaning to your DVD production. Each production includes a royalty-free background music track free of charge. If you choose to use your own custom music we can use your CD’s, audio cassettes, reel to reel tape or vinyl records. A flat rate of $20 per DVD. Additional fees required for audio cassettes, reel to reel tapes and records. They must be transferred from an analog format and digitized prior to use in the Slideshow, see our transfer page for pricing.

Slide Show File Conversion

We can convert your Slideshow to a digital movie for viewing over the internet (QuickTime®, RealMedia™, Windows Media and more),

Technical Specifications

Scans up to 4000 dpi resolution
Exclusive Scanner Nikkor ED High- Res Optics
16-bit A/D converter for superior image reproduction in detail with 4.8 optical density
Exclusive LED technology for accurate color consistently
Digital Ice4 Advanced for image restoration
8bit / 16bit per channel
Multi-Sample Scanning for increased detail

NIKON 35mm slide scanning

Can I have my digital pictures saved to an external drive?

Yes, it must be a new drive, USB 3.0 compliant without any data and formatted in NTFS, FAT32, or ExFat. We can also provide you with a new drive. Prices vary depending on the drive size and manufacture. Please call for availability and pricing.

What is royalty free music?

Music which is sold without any ongoing royalty obligations. The copyright is owned or licensed in its entirety by us. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. In the case of royalty free, the selling entity or entities retain the copyright interests.

Do you use a flatbed scanner to capture slides and negatives?

No, we use a Nikon film scanner, which is designed for scanning the 2 by 2 inch slides and 35mm negatives.







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