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  • Shipping - Ship your materials to:

    Digital Express
    22074 E Briarwood Dr Unit 737
    Aurora, CO 80016-6047

    Please email or call us before you ship your materials. We recommend using a shipping service such as USPS Priority Mail or UPS for tracking purposes.

  • Photos - Carefully number with a pencil on the back of each photo, or put your photos in an envelope with the order you want the photos to be shown. All photos need to be free from frames, albums, photo corners, and tape.
  • Digital camera pictures - can be imported from your USB flash disk drive, camera memory card, CD, CD-RW, DVD -R, DVD +R disc.  Re-number the picture files starting at 001 or email us or use the back of the order form to identify to what order the pictures will be displayed if necessary. Protect your discs and memory cards with a plastic disc holder or card case.
  • 8mm movie films -  If you want your 8mm films to be played in a certain order, number each film box or each reel in the order you want them to be shown.
  • 35mm slides or film negatives -  Slides need to be in their slide boxes, slide trays, carousels or banded together. If your slides are not in trays or carousels use a light pencil and carefully number on each slide holder in what order you want them to be presented. If you are sending us film negatives please use the original film holders that you received from the photo finishing service, DO NOT cut the film into single negatives leave them as film strips. Number the negatives on the film holder or put your negatives in envelopes and identify the order that you want them to be shown on the envelope.
  • Video tapes -  Please put your video tape in a sleeve, plastic or cardboard case to protect it during shipment. If your video tape is already broken we can repair it for an additional $10.00 each. If you have several tapes be sure to mark what order the tapes are to be transferred to if you want them to play in a certain order. If you are requesting video editing be sure to be precise in what parts to edit. We prefer to use the actual time code from the tape, be sure you rewind your tape and reset your counter to 0:00:00 before making your edit requests. You can mix and match formats. Attach a note to the tape with your edit requests with the in and out points or enter the information on the back of the order form.
  • Vinyl records, reel to reel tape, audio cassettes & CD's Vinyl Record Albums should be in their sleeves and jackets. Audio cassettes and CD's should be in their cases, and reel to reel tape should be in a tape container for safe transport. Attach a note to your media or enter on the back side of the order form to identify which songs to use and in what order.


  • Title - Specify on the order form the title you want for the Show, this will be displayed on the TV screen when the DVD movie starts, and also be printed on the DVD disc and case. Example's; Kristen's Trip to Costa Rica, Happy Birthday Nikkei, Matt & Mandy's Wedding.
  • Chapter Placement - if you're sending us movie film we will place chapter markers between each reel of film or at regular intervals. If you're sending us video tape we will place chapter markers between each tape or at regular intervals depending on the length of the tape. If you are certain of where you would like the chapters to be placed use the back of the order form to specify the locations for placement.  
  • Showtime - We normally hold each photo for 8 seconds, which includes the transition and group photos slightly longer unless you specify otherwise. Use the back of the order form for any special instructions.
  • Music - If you are using your own custom music use the back of the order form to identify which songs to use and the order to what photos, films, slides or negatives the music tracks are to be associated with. If you are using your own CDís, audio cassettes or vinyl records include them with your order. If we are providing the royalty free background music no further action is required on your part. We will select an appropriate music track to match your video.
  • Packaging - We recommend using a packaging service such as the UPS Store or similar service to have your media professionally packaged, but of course you can package it yourself.


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