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What is a DVD PhotoShow?

A DVD Slide Show is produced for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, funeral service, memorial service, mothers day, fathers day, school concerts, musicals, weddings, vacations, and the list goes on. The photos are scanned at 600 dpi and saved as digital files for use with the DVD Slide Show. Once you insert the DVD into your home DVD player the Slide Show starts with a Hollywood style main menu with a background music track. The main title of your show is displayed on the TV screen. At this point you have the option of pressing the play button on your DVD unit or DVD remote to start the show. Once the show starts each picture one after another is displayed, normally held on the TV screen for eight seconds each. There will be a pan & scan transition with a cross fade dissolve between each photo that smoothly fades out the photo as the next photo fades in and so on. Background music will be playing for the full duration of the Slide show.

Step 1 » We digitally scan your photos into our video editing systems with the latest Microtek scan technologies. If you are sending us your digital pictures on a memory card, flash drive or CD, we import your pictures into our editing system and it is from these pictures that we produce to analog and digital productions. We do not alter your original pictures in any way.

Step 2 » We'll then digitally restore if needed, the scanned or imported photos to their former glory with our PictuRescue System, utilizing Digital ICE and ColoRescue state of the art digital editing techniques.

Step 3 » Now that we've restored your pictures, it's time to save them.

JPEG file If you’re sure that you’ll only view your images on TV we will save each photo as a JPEG file, these are the files that we use for the DVD Photoshow, which compresses the picture file size for normal viewing on a television. This format loses some image quality during compression, but the loss isn’t noticeable on a standard TV.
TIFF file - If you’re planning on printing, editing or archiving your photos or if you’re uncertain how you’ll use them in the future, it is best for you to have them digitally scanned and saved as digital  TIFF files. These digital picture files are then saved to a CD or DVD picture disc only, accessible through your personal computer CD or DVD Rom drive. This IS NOT a DVD PhotoShow. This format preserves detail and color information, which will give you maximum flexibility. You can always save a copy of a TIFF file as a JPEG, but you can’t create a high-quality TIFF image from a JPEG.















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High-Quality Digital Photo Scan

Resolution & Format
We Scan your photographs at 600 dpi and save them as digital (TIFF) picture files to a 4.7GB DVD data disc. These are the digital pictures that would be used for editing, printing & archival safekeeping. This format preserves picture detail and color information at maximum quality.

Scan Resolution measured in dpi


Price per standard
photo scan


DVD disc &  case
(Includes color printing on disc and custom case jacket)

USB Flash Drive



Depends on size

DVD Slide Show

photo show to dvdWe use the digital photo scan of your pictures and produce a dvd slide show with royalty free background music. The show consists of holding each photo on screen for 8 seconds with a pan & scan cross fade dissolve transitions. The show will have a beginning title and a DVD main menu and will be authored to a 4.7GB Verbatim DVD-R color printed disc. The DVD case jacket with include the main title of the show and a picture from one of your photos.

DVD Slide Show
with royalty free music




Maximum number of photos in show


Showtime based on 8 second hold per photo

Approx. 1 Hour

DVD disc & case
(Custom DVD Case Jacket)


digital pictures to photo show

You may also use these pictures for the slide show.

Supported memory cards: CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, Microdrive, MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, SDHC, and xD-Picture Card and SD, MMC, RS MMC, Mini & Micro SD.

dvd jacket


Custom designed just for you!

DVD Disc and Case are printed in color using high-resolution text, graphics and photos.


Option's & Add-ins

35mm Slides or Negatives -  Add-in 35mm slides & negatives to your order for an additional $1.50 each. This is a great time to have those old 35mm slides or film negatives scanned in, a plus for added content to your movie production.

Regular or Super 8mm Movie Film - Add-in film by the foot at $0.25 per foot. Film will be color corrected and have any clear or black footage from the video deleted. We also enhance the video for any under or over-exposure. A subtitle is created for each film reel.

Custom Music -  The addition of music to the background of a Slide Show brings real meaning to your DVD production. Each production includes up to a 1 hour royalty-free background music track. If you would rather use your own custom music we can use your audio CD’s, audio cassettes, reel to reel tape or vinyl records. If you send in music that is not in a digital form, such as; audio cassette, reel to reel tape or vinyl record we must first convert the music to a digital form before we can use it. See our audio transfer page for conversion fees. A flat rate of $20 will cover up to 1 hour of synchronization and edit of music added to your show. If you don't have the music, but know what songs you want we can usually purchase the music for you for additional fees of course.

Additional copies can be ordered on CD-R, or DVD-R. Please see our Duplication page for pricing.

Scanner Specifications

Our Photo scan offers the PictuRescue™ photo restoration system, featuring DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology, plus color restoration through ColoRescue™ to revive faded colors to their original brilliance.

DIGITAL ICE Photo Scan Technology
Restores damaged photos - Identifies and eliminates unwanted surface defects - Corrects deep scratches, cracks, creases, rips and tears in photo print surfaces.

Bit Depth:
48 bit color - 16 bit grayscale - 1 bit black & white
Optical Resolution:
2400 x 4800 dpi
Interpolated Resolution (maximum): 65,535 dpi
Maximum Scan Area:
8.5" x 11.7"
Image Sensor:
Sigma Six
Dual 31,800-sensor stacked CCD's
Supported File Formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, PSD, and EPS.

Quick tips in preparation for your scanned photos
Picture selection

photo show to dvdChoose your best photos for us to scan. We can enhance faded color and sharpen some fuzziness with image-editing software, but it’s best to start with clear, vibrant images whenever possible. The better your photo is, the better your scan will be. Our photo scanner has different settings for attributes such as output type, resolution, sharpening, exposure, and color saturation. Although the default values usually provide optimal results, we can fine-tune these settings in our software to bring out the best of your photos.




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