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Tom from San Dimas, CA wrote: "Once again you outdid yourselves! Picked up the video's earlier today at the Post Office and just finished watching one of them tonight. You did an awesome job putting them all together and fixing where I taped over stuff. Thank you and my sons are waiting anxiously to view them. I forgot so much that I filmed and I am excited to view the rest. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work for this priceless gift.

Bob from Wilkes Barre, PA wrote: "I'm impressed, great job! I have viewed the DVD (numerous times!!) and it is wonderful, I couldn't have asked for anything more.  I also wish to thank you for all the great communication throughout this whole process.  It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again for the quality work and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who has a similar project. PS. As I mentioned, this is for my daughter's birthday on the 1st but I'm busting at the seams to give it to her now!"

Ed from State College, PA wrote: "I wanted to let you know that we received our DVD on Monday and were very pleased with the results.  We had the same films converted by another company as a Christmas present before we came across your web site, so we had something to compare with. The quality of your conversions was substantially better, and we really appreciated the pictures of 'Bill' included on the DVD case.  Very appropriate and very professional"

Bob from Riverton, NJ wrote:  "WOW!!! Perfect. Beautiful work. We are really enjoying seeing the old movies. You guys did great"


Adele from Kenosha, WI wrote: "I was very pleased with the results, they are much more than I expected! The pictures on the front and back of the cases and DVDs were great! The quality of the DVDs was also very good. The chapters on the back of the DVDs was another very nice touch. I have recommended you to all the people I work with. The quickness with which you were able to do this for me was incredible. I am very glad I sent my films to you. These DVDs will be a wonderful addition to my parents 50th Anniversary party. Thank you once again, these DVDs are going to be priceless to our family"


Olivia from Bethel PA wrote: "Thank you so much for all the help you've given, and for all of your incredible customer support! You've gone far above and beyond. Thank you so much for your eagerness to help me out. I'm putting a link to your website on my college's message-boards. I'm sure there are other students who can benefit from your services, and they don't even know about you! Again, a million times, thank you!"

Jeanne from Phenix, VA wrote:
"The DVD was enjoyed by all. We did not know, time wise, what to expect. The quality was very good. Thank you so much for giving us those memories to enjoy again.  It had been 30 odd years since we had been able to see them. Everyone enjoyed the DVD.  It was so nice going back in time again"


Neal from Huntington Beach, CA wrote: "I just received the DVD and wanted to thank you and all at your company for a very professional and well done job.  These films were made when I was 12 -17 years old.  They bring back much good memories.  I will be sure to pass your company’s name to family and friends for all digital work. Thanks Very Much!"


Debra from Ironton, OH wrote: "I appreciate your quick & professional service. The transfers are for my aunt & uncle, who are in their eighties. They enjoyed the other transfer so much, they had me send this one. When we viewed the first one, my uncle said, "This has been a really good day". Thank you for enabling me to bring them some joy."

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John G from NY wrote: I had about 12000 feet of 8mm family home movies, 40-65 years old, languishing for decades in metal film cans. When I decided to spend big bucks to get them digitized, I sent sample reels to 3 vendors and checked their results and cost estimates. I chose Digital Express for the quality, fair pricing, and a sense that owner, Jim, was actually going to care about those irreplaceable films.

My decision was the right one, although I had second, third, and fourth thoughts as I handed the package of 50 reels to the post office for shipment to Florida. Jim digitized the entire batch flawlessly and stored the 160 GB of resulting .avi files on a portable hard drive I sent him. The playback quality is at least as good as I remember it sitting in a darkened room while the movies were projected on a beaded home movie screen decades ago. Jim pre-cleans the film and color corrects the output for optimal results. This is the place to trust with your valued memories. Since Jim charges only for the actual footage he scans, and skips blank leader frames, the final price came out lower than the initial estimate -- a sure sign of an ethical vendor.

NOTE -- there are different methods for digitizing movies. The simplest method is basically to project them on a screen and shoot a video of that display. Those results are far inferior to the better technique of scanning EACH AND EVERY movie frame and assembling the results into a video file. Digitizing all those reels wasn't cheap, but I'm glad I took the financial leap. It's the closest I'll ever get to having a time machine. Now I'm busy sharing the files with members of my excited family.

Kathy from Clark SD wrote "I wanted you to know-- I got that DVD today and seriously cannot believe what a beautiful job you did. I realize that you probably hear this a lot, but seeing these films again is magical. We are going to visit our son and his family over the 4th of July weekend and I cannot wait to share it with all of them. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your communication. So rare to find such customer service. THANK YOU for the best customer service I have had from anyone in years! The words came from my heart. You folks rock!"

Jan from Augusta, GA wrote "GOT IT! It came today, and I'm listening to it thru earphones as I write this. Didn't take to long to have a few tears rolling down my cheek. Can't wait for Jim to wake up from his nap so he can listen to it too. Thanks so very much for doing this, and you don't know how much I appreciate it that you turned it around so quickly! EXCELLENT JOB! Thank you, thank you!!!

Gerald from Naples, FL wrote: "I was so blown away by the quality and tremendous work you did and the ability to see these films in such a condition was a true joy. Of course some of the film itself has been damaged and faded by time, as expected. But some of the material was so great to see-better than when it had been shown on a typical screen from the era, or a painted wall. We are so happy. Thank you for doing a wonderful job! I am going to get another two reels together for you and send them up soon. I was able to make twelve copies for relatives and friends who will likewise be astounded by what they see. When you send the films and DVDs, please send me a decent amount of business cards (20-25) that I can give out to friends. One person was already asking us about your service tonight."

Rob from Sudbury, Ontario Canada wrote: "Fantastic service above and beyond expectations. Thank you for all your help.If anybody has an old film DIGITAL EXPRESS is the place to go!!!!!!!!"

Tom from San Dimas, CA wrote: "WOW!!!, I am amazed at the great job you did with our family 8mm film's. I have only watched about an hour so far and am just thrilled at the quality and professionalism you did in creating a priceless gift that has already touched our hearts. My daughter called and said she cried through the entire first video, but happy tears. Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you, and I will be recommending you to everyone I talk to. Words can not truly express this gift you gave us. Feel free to give my home number out to anyone needing assurance on sending their films to you. Awesome..."

LR from Alexandria, VA wrote: "I value good service and a personal touch. We try to buy "local", but being so far away from some particular, niche, services we need to depend on the internet. So, my "local" on the internet means finding a company with a "local" feel. I remembered that you mentioned on your site moving from PA to FL.......I had been on other, slick-looking sites, but got the sense that you guys were in it in a personal way. And, happily, I was right. I finally got a chance to view the DVD, the cover is exactly the one I had designed. Thank you for indulging me in that! The DVD is lovely. My parents and sisters and brother will really adore seeing all these movies again. The addition of the music adds to the viewing. I was surprised at how clear much of the film was. I really appreciated the care you took at each step in the process, especially in keeping me updated and contacting me with questions and suggestions. I could not have asked for better communication. I felt that the film was in good hands. I was also very impressed with your turnaround time. So glad we did it. Thanks, too, for the extensive information about old, aging film and storage. I forgot to ask... if my family would like more DVD copies, can we still get them? The family will be seeing it next weekend"

Don from Kaysville, UT wrote: "Several weeks ago we entrusted your digital laboratory with irreplaceable family movies representing the passionate work of my dad.  All of this 8mm material was quite old; indeed some films were taken over 70 years ago.  As an engineering firm, our commercial experiences naturally prompted me to research the digital conversion process, varied technologies, prices charged, and the likelihood of competent and direct personal attention to my detailed instructions and preferences.  I was also concerned that procedures to safeguard this unique material were in place.  I realized quickly that a large production operation could seriously compromise both my desire for direct, personal attention and for custom quality control.


I elected Digital Express to handle this project.  The results exceeded expectations and the entire project costs were remarkably low by direct cost comparison.  This desirable combination of technical competence, efficient customer service and attention to details, along with very efficient pricing deserves grateful appreciation"

Jim & Stella from Boise, ID wrote: "Your firm has processed over a thousand feet of old and brittle 8mm film for us now. Again, you have exceeded our expectations for quality, service and pricing. On our last order, you even took the time to preview and edit some super 8mm that we couldn’t do and help us obtain a more meaningful result  even though it was not a requirement in our order. Thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend Digital Express to anyone needing the range of services you provide (in fact, I already have)"

Dave from Colorado Springs, CO wrote: "I just had to drop you a line to say thanks for the 12 DVDs you made from our 8mm Video8 and Hi-8 videotapes. The quality is excellent and the menus you made are outstanding. I hadn't expected the terrific graphics that you put on at the beginning of the chapters and the graphic that said "The End" at the end of each disc made it look so professional. The packaging of the DVDs is great also. I loved the pictures you grabbed from the video to put on the front and back of the DVD cases. I also have to thank you for getting them done in time for Christmas. Our family had so much fun looking at the old videos of our daughter and our dogs.  We had to show them to our friends who came over during the holidays and they were also very impressed with how professional and great your work was. I gave them your website address. I couldn't be happier! I will recommend you to everyone I know! I know anyone using your service will be satisfied beyond their expectations. If you want to send a flyer about the business, I'll put them up around campus. Thanks Again"

Gary from Santa Monica CA
wrote: “I just got back from visiting my 92 year old mother in Florida…I brought her a copy of the DVD set –she said this was the best present she ever received! My sister and brother-in-law commented about how professional everything looked.  Thank you so very much again for all your help; you made the family very happy"

Peter from Acton, MA wrote: “Thanks for the quick turnaround.  Whenever I mention what Digital Express has done for us I am asked about your company, including your web site.  It seems others are looking for a good company to transfer their films/tapes to DVDs.  You have done an excellent job on 40-year old film and my guess is that you will have more and more business as time goes on. We will stay in touch!”

Walt and Cathy from Arlington, VA wrote: “Our DVD’s just arrived with the mail and we are already enjoying your superb work.  The titles and the music are so special as well as being able to view these old home movies without the jerkiness of the noisy projector.  We will definitely be sending more to you and will recommend you to others.  Thanks for your attention to detail"

David’s wife from Ocala, FL called: “I just had to call you and tell you what a wonderful job you did on our 8mm film transfer.  Do we owe you any more money?”

Jens from Indialantic, FL wrote: "The Hard Drive arrived and I am thrilled - the quality is much better than I thought it would be! Again, your service has been superior as has been the work results that you delivered! Feel free to use me anytime as a reference. It has been a pleasure to work with you!"

Chris from Jonestown PA wrote: "WOW! What a great job!! Thanks guys! I Love it!"

Ed from New Castle, PA wrote: "Received the CD's and Records in fine shape. Of course we listened and they came out just as we hoped they would, they sound great. You done a fine job and we appreciate it. Thank you so much and will pass the word around. We certainly recommend you"

Joe from Hilton Head, SC wrote: "I am very pleased with the CD conversion and the fine art on the CD covers"

Ann from Annandale, VA wrote: "Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic job you did with our family films.  The clarity of the 50+ year old films was amazing and the organization and presentation of the final product was superb.  The selection of music to match the video scenes was an unexpected bonus.  I have already recommended your services to several others"

Melody from Sun Prairie, WI wrote: "We received the DVD and films last week.  Everything looks great!!  Thanks for doing such a great job"
Karen from Crewe, VA wrote:
"I received my DVD's and film reels a few days ago.  I don't know how to say Thanks for the terrific job your team did transferring the images to DVD.  I laughed, cried and savored every minute of footage.  The DVD's turned out better than I had hoped and I am so glad I didn't wait another minute to get this done.  Many of our neighbors who are in the footage are coming down next weekend and I'm so anxious to have them view the DVD's.  Thanks again for the wonderful service and for keeping me updated every step of the way"

Maria from Macungie, PA wrote: "Just to thank you so much for the beautiful job you did in transferring my mother's album to CD.  Brought me to tears when I played the CD in my car that night and heard my mother singing from back in 1946.  You guys have created a beautiful keepsake for our mother will be very pleased with it all when she comes up on Friday.  The cover was just gorgeous too!  So thanks again for the joy you created for us.  God bless you both.  May your business have the greatest and continued success!"

Cathy from Arlington, VA wrote: "The slideshow was even better than I had imagined it would be.  I like the way the pictures fade in and out and at the port it seemed as if the ship was moving closer to the dock.  Once again, wonderful music selections... You all are really pros at this transfer business"



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